My Journey through Odisha (Part1)- The scent of the sea!

Odisha previously known as Orissa is a coastal state in the eastern part of India. It is a land blessed with immense natural beauty and natural resources. My journey through the state took me on an amazing trail, rich with scenic beauties, religious fervor and great history.

I took the morning 5.45 a.m. Indigo flight from Ahmedabad in the west Indian State of Gujarat and reached the capital city of Odisha, Bhubaneshwar at 12.00 noon (it included a 2 hour 55 minute stoppage for a plane change at the Mumbai airport).


Sunrise at Ahmedabad Airport


The Sun for company


                                 Arriving at the Bhubaneshwar Airport

My next destination was the coastal temple town of Puri about 70 kms from the Bhubaneshwar airport. A prepaid taxi ride from the airport to Hotel Samudra, a hotel facing the sea, right on the beach in Puri, cost me INR 2000/-. The hotel with a white facade and a small garden with flowers displaying a riot of colors, exuded an old world charm. I checked into a sea facing room on the third floor. The room was decent and had an attached balcony which overlooked the beach and the might Bay of Bengal beyond it. The sight of the magnificent sea and the waves crashing onto the shore made me fall in love with the place, immediately. it was a case of love at first sight for me.


                                                The view from my room


                                          The beginning of a new day


       An evening of bliss soaking in the beauty from the balcony of Hotel Samudra


                                            The Sun sets for the day


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